Saturday, April 26, 2014

Living Water

PAD Challenge day 26; write a water poem

We weigh our will with wanting
And weep that we are cursed
With intransigent taunting
Of begging, bleeding thirst

We stuff our cheeks and plunder
 Earth's bread-crumb luxuries
While groaning as we wonder
What will this thirst appease?

Our pockets bulge with bondage
The well of transient bliss
Lures us, like eager children
To drink its emptiness

We clamor for sweet nectar
To quaff our guilt and greed
Is there nothing but water
To fill this mouth of need?

Will we, for all existence
Be damned to drink in vain?
The hollow of resistance
Our perpetual pain?

Hark; hope pours from Love’s fountain
Spoken to sinners first
Pure, precious words of Promise
To satisfy our thirst

A Well-spring from within
And everyone who drinks from it
Will never thirst again’

© Janet Martin

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