Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ink Tug 'o War

PAD challenge day 22: write a pessimist poem. write an optimist poem

…and I would fling this pen aside
The taunt of word that keens the air
Wrangles twixt yearning and despair
To spill their will in verbose tide

The blood of thought runs wild and blue
A recompense of cloven ink
As what I taste and touch and think
Desecrates a page or two

What merit is this? Bliss and bane
Rival on throbbing battlefields
…its aftermath of groaning yields
The offspring of a poet’s pain

And yet the unwritten implores
Within the pen; miniscule rod
To tender to meek parchment, God-
Whispers of Home and heart-shaped doors

…and I would fling this pen aside
Save for a graven thought or two
This life is not a rendezvous
With fate; nor Time a dead-end tide

© Janet Martin

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