Monday, April 14, 2014

If I Were You...


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PAD challenge day 14; write an 'If I Were' poem

If I were you, then I would be
That person in my life with me
And I would need to see and hear
The ‘me’ I am to you, my dear

If I were you I’d come to know
The person from the outside so
I wonder if I’d be okay
To hear only the things I say

If I were you right next to me
Would I enjoy my company?
Or would I find a quick excuse
To rush away…an age-old ruse

If I were you would I call me
To share life over cakes and tea?
Or would I grumble inwardly
To spend an afternoon with me?

I think I’d learn a thing or two
If for one day I would be you
I wonder what my thoughts would be
If I were you instead of me

© Janet Martin

ugh! self-examination is brutal!  
'sometimes I wish you could hear yourself' I was told this week-end...and I know its true; ' that which I would do I do not and that which I would not, that I do! oh, wretched man that I am...'

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