Monday, April 14, 2014

If I Were Not a Poet...

 Having some fun with PAD challenge Day 14: write an if I were' poem. Visit this page  for some very interesting 'If I Were' perspectives!

If poets were not poets nights would be for sleep and dreams
A tree merely a tree; moments the measure of life’s streams

We would not be tormented, teased or tested by the taunt
Of syllable, iambic pentameter and word-want

A river would run wild and free without vexing allure
Suggesting thoughts that poetry alone must thence procure

The tiralee of lilt and rhyme would rivet, rouse, but then
Fall prey to appetites of Time immune to ink and pen

We would not groan and grovel at the footstool of Her Muse
If poets were not poets strumming silence for its dues

But God knew His creation would inspire poetry
And so He added poets to His awesome ‘let there be’

For God gives to His creatures sundry attributes and gifts
What we do with His granting is not for our boast…but His

© Janet Martin

Sometimes I think 'oh, if I were not a poet how freeing that would be'
yet I know I would miss it and I wouldn't feel like me!

Hubby doesn't really mind my writing but every so often he'll mutter... 'how the heck did I end up with a poet?!'


  1. I enjoyed your poem today.

    And yes, I'm sure if you were to stop composing one day you'd be bursting at the seams to get all those lovely lines out.

    Keep writing..........

  2. I will keep writing, Lord willing, BUT having said that I am also seriously contemplating a break when the warm weather hits...we'll see:)


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