Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Much Is an Hour?

 Each Tuesday and Friday mid-afternoon begins The Question; how much longer until Matthew and Victoria come home? and often my reply is 'oh, about an hour'. Yesterday he sighed a big sigh and asked, but how much is an hour?

How much is an hour
Little lad asked of me,
Why child, don’t you know it?
An hour is free

…free for the taking and making of dreams
Free for the tasting or wasting its reams
Free for our laughter or perhaps a tear
Free to be wandered or squandered in fear
Free walk once around the clock
Free to be kissed, hugged or frittered in thought
Free to our labor and free to our play
Free to wee child or to sage, bent and gray
Free-fall of hope and opportunity
Free phantom nugget of ‘almost-memory’
Free frame to fill with whatever we do
Free Wonderful as I spend it with you

How much is an hour, dear child at my knee?
Why, the whole world over an hour is free

© Janet martin

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