Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Farewell April 2014

Our wearied optimism reaches past this cold, gray day
Spring charms that we envisioned have been pinned on sleeves of May
For April did not flatter us with honey-golden guile
But scattered flurries where we dreamed of daffodil-drenched isle

April unleashes her farewell in phlegmatic downpour
We do not mourn her passing as we haste her through the door   
For our misconception of a bonny green-eyed lass
Has waned; and now to merry May we lift hope’s polished glass

Dear April, please do not consider us vulgar or rude
We do not want to shoulder long this morose attitude
But oh, the farmer hungers for the thrill of furrow-dust
How long must we be patient, pleading for anointed trust?

The gardener is waiting with perfection planted dream
The poet pines for music of dusk’s amethyst requiem
The lad inside the window wonders when the rain will end
While mother murmurs prayers and platitudes to be patient

Farewell then, fretting shower where the flower waits to bloom
May waits to strum the hour with froth-cloth of petal plume
We wait to till earth’s thoroughfare and plant its field once more
But first we kindly usher April out through Time’s back door

© Janet Martin

After the storms in the central/southern states the past few days (thoughts and prayers are with you) it seems trite to even almost grumble or be negative but this April/ winter and spring so far has broken numerous records NOT on the sunny, warm side. We had one or two truly warm, pleasant days in April; not enough to dry fields and allow farmers to plant at all! Still, God is in control and we do not want to question His order…

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