Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Tonight there were two of me inside
...Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Strange tug-of-war like spring-winter-north-south
Laughter and growl juxtaposed in my mouth

Sometimes sweet spring is what I want to say
But out comes the wrath of a wild winter’s day
While family chuckles, quite amused as I toss
Burnt pans to the counter-top, feeling quite cross

Some days are blossoms of violet and rose
Some bear the brunt of our unspoken woes
Two forces battle and we must decide
Between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I hope if you ask my children someday
Whom I most resembled they’ll be quick to say
‘Mostly Dr. Jekyll, easy-going, good-lookin’
But all Mr. Hyde when she burnt the cookin’…

© Janet Martin

Trying to have a little fun with more than one failure today;(

There are few things that rile me like burnt cooking and baking so I was ranting at myself as I pulled almost burnt granola bars from the oven after supper. (I was going to take them out mid-supper but of course, forgot all about granola bars as we enjoyed baked chicken, baked-potato wedges, green beans and coleslaw)
I was in the middle of a rant at myself when Matt taps me on the shoulder…’sh-h! here is the phone and I’m not sure who it is!’
Oops!! I switch to ‘hello…oh, hi, how are you doing?’ in my most cheerfullest trying voice and I heard one of the kids say. WOW! Mom’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!

The worst part is that I couldn’t tell that person I was raging at myself…this is a lesson for Mother to try to be self-controlled and moderate no matter what…sigh.
…so now we have granola bark instead of granola bars ‘cause they were too hard to cut.

Today’s Saturday muffins are Carrot-raisin-nut. My fav’s.


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