Saturday, April 12, 2014

Between Saturdays

I'm not going to say it! Well okay, maybe I will...'Saturday already?!' We are a much less snowier Saturday today...YAY! Farmers are beginning to ready equipment and hearts for another year of trusting...

Life slips between Saturdays; Time’s hungry sea
Claims another week to history
Tempest and tiralee tucked to its keep
Day-by-day death-bed of Duty and sleep

Worrier, wanderer walk side by side
Fellow-companions on Time’s taking tide
Fruit of each season a brief bounty where
We plant and gather; a constant affair

...for we are never done; dreamland's lofty towers
Rise above this quickened sally of hours
How is it Time in its subtle-soft ways
Fashions a life between Saturdays?

Hold and let go; breath-stealing ballet
Between Saturdays raven youth turns gray
We bear its beauty of buffet and bliss
Marveling oft at how brief a week(or life) is…

© Janet Martin

Well, I'm off to taste what this Saturday is already eagerly spilling...moments:)

I hope you have a good one.

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  1. "another year of trusting..." farmers understand that better than most, don't they?


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