Monday, April 28, 2014

Beneath the Leaning Sky

PAD Challenge day 28: Write a settled poem

When morning strikes her match
Beneath the leaning sky
It seems to me we almost catch
A twinkle in God’s eye
For Goodness is not cupped
In midnight’s yearning deep
And where dusk’s settled verdicts supped
Now virgin hours leap

Beneath the leaning sky
Where morning’s yesterday
Delighted and bereaved our sighs
Grace kindly lights our way
And from God’s vaulted thought
Beyond mortal mind-grasp
He sweeps our yesterday to naught
And settles it as Past

It seems to me we catch
A glimpse of paradise
As Mercy unfetters a latch
In dungeon-darkened skies
The dust of practice runs
Has settled; on Time’s shore
Pardon bestows another dawn
Like none ever before

A twinkle in God’s eye
Hope’s hallelujah spills
From ebony to gilt reply
Across celestial rills
Benevolence delights
The air as midnight-chains
Dissolve; God settles Mercy’s sights
Where time and hope remains

© Janet Martin

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