Saturday, April 19, 2014


PAD Challenge day 19: make a color your title and write your poem

I lost her in your endless eyes
While she was chasing butterflies
Through fields of periwinkle youth
Before the cuff of crimson truth
Dragged her through mud and umber dirt
Where still nature’s four seasons flirt
With things like holding-letting-go
And emerald isles and white-white snow
She turns, startled to realize
She lost herself in azure eyes
…forgetting that in tick of clocks
Come silver sighs through golden locks
Where time takes flight
In dark and light,
Its ebony, chartreuse disguise
Yielding at noon to azure eyes
And there, ah, there, she twirled and danced
To melodies by love enhanced
Letting the hour have its way
Before your azure turned to gray
And giddy kiss of coral dawn
Drew charcoal shadows on the lawn
Beneath an awning sequin-swept
And where your azure laughter wept
She disappeared; you kiss her face
But now a woman takes her place

© Janet Martin

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