Sunday, April 13, 2014

...And Then It Fades Away

 I took these pics off the TV screen so they're not that good...I always feel incredibly happy for the winner of a competition and incredibly sympathetic to the disappointment of the 'almost winner'! Congratulations Bubba! and we will see you next year, Jordan. what a day at the MASTERS!

…and then it fades away
The screen of twilight dark and deep
Where both triumph and heart-break sleep
In Past’s Immortal Day

That pinnacle of bliss
Where grit and glory coalesce
Soon falls beneath the burnished tress
Of Bygone’s faded kiss

Life’s bitter loss and tear
As dreams die on hope’s gilded green
Amalgamates upon a screen
Of middle-night and yester-year

A blend of gold and gray;
On one hand joy, the other grief
A moment free-fall from Time’s sheaf
…and then it fades away

©Janet Martin

In an interview tonight they asked  Ted Scott, Bubba's caddy 'what next?' he replied  'its a little soon to think about that but he knows he's going to bed tonight to sleep and tomorrow morning we begin another day...' Isn't that what we all do? Triumph or disappointment, we go to bed and begin again in the morning!

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