Saturday, September 25, 2021

To Frame a Memory...

Today is perfect cup-o'-java-joy-bottomless-refill weather!

Part of the reason I spent this morning's hours outdoors 
was the promise of a rain-song afternoon!

I began painting another poem this morning, 
then got distracted by duty and beauty
While along came this poem to
 interrupt the previous one...
'composed' by the last 24 hours of life!
A peek onto a poet's 'colour-palette' 😊

If I could I would frame it;
that moment when she and I
stood spellbound by an egret
beneath autumn's brooding sky

That cozy fall contentment
with a coffee-pot between
That season of enchantment;
as bronze seeped through summer green

That solace of the woodland
and its shadow-dappled path
Its palace built with remnants
of butterfly aftermath

The orchard that not long ago
was wreathed in white and pink
Lanes decked in perfumed petal snow
Where now red apples wink

Dawn, as it drew ajar
windows of opportunity
Dusk, as it pinned a star
on pages of fresh history

September's cinnamon-kissed sweeps
we tasted with our eyes
The playful puppy as it leapt
through laughter's paradise

Saturday pitter-patter fueled
by rain-symphony 
Where ink and order dueled
(they will never quite agree)

My mother in her kerchief, warm
against fall's chill embrace
Love, evoking a perfect storm
*for joys so un-commonplace

Wonder, in all its rapture
never snared by brush or pen
I wish that I could capture it
to touch and taste again

...and then I smile, and then I say
Thank God for poetry
A poem is the perfect way
To frame a memory

Janet Martin

* a mother's kerchief-framed
is anything but commonplace 
so I edited that sentence💖
Another un-commonplace joy today
is my parent's 58th wedding anniversary!

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