Thursday, September 23, 2021

Acknowledgement of Fall's Wild and Wet Debut

The first day of fall flew through floodgates flung wide...

The second day is offering a brief breather before round two...

Fall flew through floodgates flung ajar
It flailed the crinkled countryside
And wailed at every bolstered door
That just the day before stood wide

Fall’s entrance drenched earth’s sanguine bars
September’s summer embers doused
No quixotic, poetic stars
In sighs by blue-eyed skies aroused

Fall roared like an enraged tigress  
Or like a savage beast set free
It tore at nature’s tousled tress
With tireless ferocity

Fall made its entrance, wet and wild
As if somehow a mild debut
Of sun-kisses on summer’s child
Would have been far too Déjà vu

© Janet Martin

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