Friday, September 24, 2021

A Breath-By-Breath Ballad

Do you ever feel it:
The sweeping surge of season-song?!
The merging of moments like music-notes,
composing a breath-stealing ballad?!

The wind has been a rowdy minstrel this week,
raking a reckless, cold, wet bow across barely-Autumn strings.

Last night a hummingbird straggler took advantage of the
break in the 'music' to drink and drink to its bitty-heart's content!!

I could barely keep up with its hither-thither darting...

...a bit like hummingbird hide and seek😅

...and a main reason for planting these Cana lilies
was because they make perfect hummingbird drinking fountains!

Darkness dissolves like a sun-kissed snowflake
Beneath a beacon no bond can restrain
Seasons revolve as night falls and day breaks
Silence births leaf-song then silence again
Grinning and grieving, doubting, believing
Failing, achieving, earning battle-scars
Learning and teaching, yearning and reaching
Orbit of dreams stirs and settles the stars

Then we grow older and lend our shoulders
Like rungs on ladders for youngsters to climb
Heady with hunger and blind to the boulders
Ready to test what no one defeats; Time
Flying and falling, crying and calling
Finally crawling while learning to walk
Knees bruised and bleeding, brashness conceding
No one can hold back the hands of the clock

Autumn is always around summer’s corner
Tugging at strings tied in forget-me-nots
Heart is part dancer and partly mourner
Torn between wanting and what life allots
Laughing and weeping, waking and sleeping
Planting and reaping; some things never change
Giving and taking where living is making
Moment-mementos that moments estrange

Sometimes the soul feels like a glass-splinter
Snags in the skin of that which has no skin
Or is it a sun-sparkle where winter
Is always on the verge of closing in
Ebbing and surging, melting and merging
Dawn’s birthplace burgeoning with dusk and death
Where Time is dwindling, consuming the kindling
Seasons soft-swindling the hearth, breath by breath

Ah, can't you feel it like river-song rushing
Breath-by-breath ballad while we play our part
 In Life's Orchestra, bashful and blushing
Until the melody captures the heart
Reeling and rolling, pealing and tolling
Stealing the feeling of something amiss 
Clashing and blending, splashing and wending
Bending the minstrel of dust with God's kiss 
© Janet Martin

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