Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Joy Complete

So many potential titles for this poem;
So Much More Hope
Ultimate Relief
Prelude to the Prize
 Miracle-Pinnacle (Faith that makes us whole)
Complete In Him

Yesterday Victoria and I squealed with giddy delight,
in the culled, mulled colours 
and brisk breezes of September

This morning is no exception;
Apple-pear-cider crisp and tart

So much to love in the middle of life's muddle...
this morning's muddle in Canada includes back-to-school
meaning SO much emotion for first-time scholars and parents of those and,
first-time high-schooler, post-secondary education students etc.

So much out of our control means we need 
Someone to anchor us SO MUCH!

Beware lest anyone [e]cheat you 
through philosophy and empty deceit, 
according to the tradition of men, 
according to the basic principles of the world, 
and not according to Christ. 
 For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead [f]bodily;
  and you are complete in Him, 
who is the head of all [g]principality and power.

So much to try our good intent
So much to lose and win
Desire and discouragement
Battle beneath our skin
So much to disappoint and tempt
So much to pick and choose
So much to do, where consequence
Soon keeps its promised dues

So much to vex the ardor of
The dreamer and the dream
So much to test the heart of love
Where idol-temples gleam
So much to taunt, where want runs rife
But boast cannot fulfill
So much to make the most of life
So much to steal its thrill

So much we touch then strew behind
So much hunger and thirst
So much for ties of death to bind
So much, both blessed and cursed
Where best and worst are woven through
Vestures of faith and fear
Where so much that we say and do
Can’t keep a conscience clear

So much to turn to prayerful trust
To repent and confess
So much more God, merciful, just
Father of forgiveness
So much more love where grace achieves
The convict’s full release
So much more hope as faith receives
So much more joy and peace

So much more hope; ah, this alone
Can make our joy complete
So much uncertain and unknown
Yet, so much comfort sweet
Where only genuine belief
Overcomes doubt and dread
Then we find ultimate relief
As we trust God instead

Complete in Him; ah, pray that we
Find this world's paradise
Complete in Him; ah, may this be
Our prelude to The Prize
Complete in Him; longing fulfilled
As much as possible
Complete in Him; fear's storm is stilled
By the Invisible 

© Janet Martin


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