Thursday, September 9, 2021


The closing of another chapter in my child-care 'book'...
as tomorrow Little Girl becomes School-girl!
"You're so big and I'm so little" She said as she looked at the pictures
And I said 'yes'💕
(why do I feel so small and how has she gotten so big?!)

I wish that I could paint for you
A very lovely work of art
A keep-sake I would give to you
To show the colours of my heart

To paint the perfect shade of joy
And spill with artistic finesse
The preciousness of girl and boy
That fills my heart with happiness

For little tot can teach a lot
To we, weathered by Father Time
And if I could, I’d paint, not jot
The spot that overflows with rhyme

…where poem then, mingled with prayer
My aching art-throb must appease
And ink must etch in frames of air
A Masterpiece of Memories

…for like the bubbles that we blew
An era pops and disappears
Leaving behind for me and you
A gallery of rainbowed spheres

…where laughter lilts and echoes bob
Like butterflies and petal-falls
As pictures waft from love’s art-throb
To hang forever on heart-walls

© Janet Martin

Last week these two left just a few days before becoming proud 
new big sister and brother to a new baby sister!
This 'job' tugs my heart every which way but loose💗💖

(I tried a few times and EVERY time
just as I clicked he looked down😀😘)

...and last but not least Grand-sonny starts school today!
When my daughter sent me the pictures
I told her I don't know whether to laugh or cry💖💖💖

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