Saturday, September 18, 2021

As We All Are

The ending of the movie Stranger in Town
contains a speech with relevant reminders to all of us
all these decades later...

(click on at 1:50 if you are in a hurry😉)

Politics is a topic that can lead to fiery discussion
and differing opinions!
Pray, more than anything we pray for our leaders
at every level for they are far more than representatives
of a political party.
They are living souls
As we all are!

“There are no ordinary people.
You have never talked with a mere mortal.”
C.S. Lewis

Meanwhile, we all are dearly loved
by the One who made us
'whether little girl with little curl'

or Leader for the better or worse
of the country he/she serves.

Prime-minister/president/political party bashing has never served to build
or heal and though today's voter's options seem sadly lacking
it is not a reflection of one man/one party, but rather of
 the nation's moral compass.
A country is not its prime-minister/president.
It is the people; you, me and every other
extra-ordinary human being we meet on a daily basis!

Deuteronomy 4:7
For what nation is great enough to have a god as near to them 
as the LORD our God is to us whenever we call on Him?

On Monday Canada goes to the polls to vote for Prime-minister
either a new one or more of the same,
but it is a dark time for many voters because
When a nation stops calling on
The One True God
We get what we deserve.

Oh God, help the future of the nations...

...for we are more than flesh and blood,
Than hands and feet
and lovely face
We are the handiwork of God
Therefore no one
is commonplace

All precious in the sight or He
Whether private
or super-star
He created mortality
With tender love
as we all are

Then pray, this common Bond of love
Not hate, advises
And controls
Both citizen and head of state
Are chariots of
deathless souls

Therefore, in spite of all we lack
Not one of us 
are very far
From giving up and giving back
To He who loves
As we all are

Then lest, because of mortal bent
We forget, we should
Think again
Our love for God is evident
by how we love
our fellowman

Janet Martin~ 

For here we have no continuing city, 
but we seek the one to come. Heb.13:14

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