Thursday, September 16, 2021

Of Un-Self-Discovery or Joy-Quest #1

Self-discovery can be a brutal awakening!
The journey of learning to truly love, 
a lifelong undertaking...
unlike the delight of a child on a swing💖
Instant and pure!

Little children, because they live in the moment
are unaware of what a gift it is to truly taste pure joy!
(the aim of the swing-game is to tickle the leaves with toes 
(she did it and her smile is one of pure joy!!)

Little children also soon start to show 
the self-centered nature of humans.
But because innocence has not yet
fallen prey to ulterior motive/selfish ambition
they are quick to love and be loved,
and move on to the next moment!

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.
 Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.

Self when absorbed with self is blind
No heritage for humankind
When Self is spent, is left behind
For future benefit
Soul’s carriage, formed of skin and bone
When intent on itself alone
Worships idols of wood and stone
Atonement’s deficit

Self-joy relies on circumstance
The short-lived pleasure of the dance
Is a most pitiful romance
Devoid of love or skill
The drive to thrive in vain excess
Indulging self with yes, yes, yes
Will never lead to happiness
Self cannot self fulfill

How wanting are the riches of
The one who never learns to love
Where enough is never enough
To quench desire’s thirst
But, disillusioned bitterness
Will crown the summit of success
Epitome of emptiness
The life of self put first

For joy is not a purchased thing
No dancing puppet on a string
It is found in truly loving
God first, then fellowman
Then pray, this little life of mine
Will be a light to shine, shine, shine
As Self, engrafted to The Vine
Fulfills the Master's Plan

© Janet Martin

By ourselves we will always fall short of the mark
but by the grace of God and for His glory
given in his name is enough!

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