Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Cinderella Story

Today I wear the ache only
inevitable change can evoke...

Happy September!

Like a teapot
tipped and drained of

its last drop of tea...
Wondering what the tea-flavour is?
It's fresh-picked mint, lavender and anise!
Inspired in large part by the cooks on this YouTube channel;

Each day unraveled
Like a petal
Rainbow run awry
Like a water-color
Like a
Like a tea-pot
Tipped and
drained of
Its last
drop of tea
Like a page
Used and
To taste its
Like a carriage
Grand and gleaming
Going to
the ball
Like modern-day
Glass slippers
And all
Like a garden
Pick and dig
and delve
August turned into
a pumpkin
When the
clock struck

© Janet Martin

Trying to capture August in perfect poem
is a bit like trying to get a picture of a butterfly in perfect form;
You better be quick because it won't stay still for long
before it flits away...

The butterfly bush is a-flutter with colourful wings these days!

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