Thursday, September 16, 2021

Joy-Quest #2

The Poet constantly finds him/herself torn between
the beauty of duty...

and the duty of beauty

Beauty preserved in poetry to relive and re-love !

Through showrooms diamond-dazzled crowned with boundless majesty
The way from here to There runs through Creation's gallery
Where work would often blind us if we didn't find a way
To pull the cart behind while finding joy in today

The earth is filled with glory spilling from the Artist's brush
We, all part of His story should not fret so much, or rush
Where people can perplex us and trouble will have its say
Still, let's not let it vex us but focus on joy today

The art of celebration does not need to wait until
Morrow's special occasions our cups of joy to fill
But rolling like a mist-kissed sea in generous re-lease
Dawn grants fresh opportunity to find joy's masterpiece

The more we try to teach the heart to make the most of Now
The more we cannot learn the art of keeping score, somehow
While being humbly grateful for bread, buttered on one side
We find a heaping plateful of Yet, waiting to be tried

Morning-glory unstoppered rolls through showrooms, diamond-glazed 
The way from here to There should leave us joyfully amazed
Where work could often blind us if beauty would not astound
As joy gently reminds us to just pause and look around 

Janet Martin~

Today's 'joy-ride' swept by 
and the poem I roughly drafted this morning... now a vesper hymn

Dishes washed, 
tea waiting to be tasted


  1. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous and what a beautiful sunset!

    I like your sentence "Beauty preserved in poetry to relive and re-love !" Poetry is a perfect place to preserve the beauty we experience. So many of your poems do just that.

    Wishing you a pleasant Saturday.
    Brenda xo

    1. Good Almost Autumn Sunday morning, Brenda. Thank-you so much for your visit and kind words! I did have a pleasant, busy Saturday as our church family packaged 65,000 meals (organized by Lifeline ministries) to send to the suffering in Haiti. So thankful for a day of rest! August and September busyness often leave me completely spent! Someday soon I hope to have time to do some catch-up blog reading!

      Thank-you for the beauty you bring to life<3


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