Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Crux of Compulsion...


Whether to the beat of a city street...

or beneath blue-eyed smile of a country mile

...something compels us to keep trying!

What compels us to keep trying
What propels us on and up
On front-lines of selfless dying
What refurbishes life’s cup

What makes sacred, duty’s mission
And its yoke of common task
What kindles renewed ambition
As morn pours from mercy’s flask

What brings purpose and devotion
To life’s daily grind and fuss
What adds music to the motion
Pray, is it Christ’s love in us?

He, who makes us new, while living
He who died then rose again
Does His love, kind and forgiving
Compel us to follow Him

© Janet Martin

For the love of Christ compels us…

Through highs and lows
God's grace bestows
all that we need,
My dear,
to succeed!

Whether to the beat
of a city street
or beneath blue-eyed smile
of a
 country mile

Whether street-light bright
or star-light dim
All walks of life 
lead to Him


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