Monday, September 13, 2021

Of Face-to-Face

Face-time is great when miles between leave no other option
but oh how far beyond comparison is face-to-face Time.
Our grand-kiddos and their other grandma, who lives miles away
after almost two years of Facetime (thanks to covid) are
cherishing precious face-to-face time at last.
Grandma's/Mimi's face beams with pure joy
in the presence of her loved ones...

This weekend we treasured a short-sweet face-to-face time
and a belated birthday celebration for Melissa!

Meeting with much-missed loved ones makes me think of 
another forever face-to-face place/time waiting for believers
when the One we pour our hearts out to 
over and over again in faith's earnest prayer
dissolves the glass we see through darkly, and then
with faces wreathed with pure joy, face-to-face!

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face:
1 Cor.13:12

Technology is quite a thing and grants its precious means
In helping us to keep in touch when miles unfurl between
But, for all that devices do to hold our hearts in place
No screen can ever come close to sweet meeting face-to-face

Technology is wonderful as a second-best choice
For looking loved ones in their eyes and hearing someone's voice
But, even a small child soon feels the emptiness of space
And how delight is driven wild when meeting face to face
(just ask my grand-kiddos)

Technology helps us to see, but cannot master touch
  Images dancing on a screen can only do so much 
To help us toward The Great Day of greeting's sweet embrace
When miles between us melt away and we meet face to face

Janet Martin

Thanks to technology I can create and share this post💖
Our Nova Scotia family can see it as well as Melissa
and Jim (truck-driver hubby) who often checks in at the 'porch'
to see what's new...

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