Sunday, April 7, 2019

Whisper a Picture...

 Above, proud auntie holding 'precious moments'

Cherish mere moments lest life disappears
Sealed in an ocean of soft-surging years

Siphon a stanza from time’s teeming laws
Salvage an anthem from Past’s gaping jaws

Precious, oh precious time’s most treasured gems
Measured in moments that become… poems

Whisper a picture in tincture of ink
Nature in limbo while poised on spring’s brink

Shimmer of mist flung o’er meadows at dawn
Grandpa’s firm handshake or wee babe’s big yawn

Flickers of shadow and light where July
Tickles the willow-wick tickling the sky

Tremor of moonlight on shimmer of sea
Murmur of midnight-rain pelting the lea

My, but a moment seems swift as a sigh
Yet, tempo of tick-tock can swallow the sky

So, borrow the Time to rhyme life’s common days
Into a token of worship and praise

Not over-looking the moment we hold
But humbly tasting its apple of gold

Cherishing moments lest life disappears
Into the current of days turned to years

© Janet Martin

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