Thursday, April 25, 2019

But Then Always May...

A few days ago hubby remarked to me that in two months the days will start to get shorter 
and we are still waiting for weather to turn spring-like! 
At this point I think we would settle for anything in double-digits Celsius for a few days in a row!

Earth is an egg waiting to be cracked
Nature agog with the life it had lacked
April is always a bit of a tease
Driving hope wild with her billowing breeze

Hunger feeds on flower-gardens of thought
Dreamlands run rife with forget-me-not
Hollow the wind through the wooing world wings
Looking for lyrics barred in budded strings

I spy the whisper of green, virgin green
Seeping through deeps where threadbare sweeps had been
April is always a slow work of art
Playing with colors of weather and heart

Soon we will slip from the grip of the gale
Watch as a fleet of sweet blossoms sets sail
Soon we will wade in jade silver-starred streams
April is always a river of dreams

Soon Spring will fling violets to field and dell
Soon on yon hill will chime the jonquil bell
Soon trees will burst with a hip-hip-hooray
April is always first, but then always May

© Janet Martin 

After seeing the forecast I/we decided to spend the day outside ! 

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