Friday, April 19, 2019

License to Live #2

PAD challenge day 19: For today’s prompt, write a license poem.

Wild as the rivers rush sea-ward
Mild as the coo of a dove
True as the blue in high heavens
Spirals life’s license to love

Strong as the rock and bluff shoreline
Long as lost yesterday’s wing
Wide as the wind strums the prairie
Surges life’s license to sing

Calm as the crest of day dawning
Red as the rose of romance
Sweet as the music of laughter
Trickles life’s license to dance

Soft as the skin of a baby
Hard as the hurdles of hope
Smooth as the crooner of seasons
Beckons life’s license to cope

Kind as the kiss of a mother
Harsh as the crow’s raucous call
Bold as a school boy with hunger
Lingers life’s license to fall

© Janet Martin


  1. All of your poems are like a song- so enjoying reading them this month.

    1. Hi Trish and Happy Easter! April is flying by isn't it?! thank-you for reading and for your kind words. Can't wait to hop over to your page!


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