Saturday, April 13, 2019

In Spite of Viewpoints and Points of View

 PAD Challenge day 13: For today’s prompt, write a view poem

"When I grow up I'm going to live in the countryside"
declared an ecstatic four-year-old, delighted with his point of view

Our views are shaped by what we see
What we are taught, or not
The dynamics of family
The status of our lot

The things we have, the things we lack
The wars we win and lose
What we believe, twixt white and black
The attitudes we choose

Where side by side the whole world wide
In all we see and do
More than city or countryside
Will shape our points of view

For all the differences twixt
Creed, culture, class and breed
Still keeps our flesh-and-blood-forms fixed
In universal need

…of food and water’s sustenance
Where Hunger carves its hole
Of love and respect’s reverence
To feed the heart and soul

© Janet Martin


  1. Great take on this prompt. So enjoying all your poems this month and the photos to go with this poem- the cutest 🙂

    1. thank-you! so much. That little guy is something pretty special as far as kids go:)


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