Thursday, April 11, 2019

To Hubby For Putting Up With A Poet-Wife

 PAD Challenge day 11: For today’s prompt, write a dedication poem.

I guess that I deserve the smirks, side-jokes, eye-rolls and such
They tell the unflattering truth without adjective’s touch
Since those green years of youth and all the ups and downs we’ve had
Quite unaware, I groomed the quirks that sometimes drive you mad
But even if I could I wouldn’t like it very much
To never need to find a rhyming word that ends in ‘uch’

The way I am is due, in part to features God-designed
The rest, I guess is creature-strength and weakness intertwined
And all the idiosyncrasies that make this poet thus
Are not exactly matters with much merit to discuss
So all I ask is for us to be more patient and kind
A person fifty-plus is hard to re-invent, I find

I love the way you say you love the way I, ‘my-oh-my!’
You put up with my craned-neck-stares at what you call The Sky
And even when you mutter ‘oh, no not again’, I know
You wouldn’t really change me (at least I tell myself so)
So, thank-you Hubby, you deserve a medal a mile high
For putting up with….oh, wow, look! A cloud, a tree, a…sigh

You say a four-line poem is a perfect work of art
But you have never held a poem-ocean in your heart
Or borne the dash of ether breakers crashing deep within
Or felt the whisper of an almost-poem brush your skin
So I will dedicate this poem to you, every part
And ask your kind indulgence from the bottom of my heart

© Janet Martin


  1. Love this and esp a poem-ocean in your heart and an almost poem brush your skin- whew!

  2. Lovely. Agree with the 'poem-ocean'. Such a great way to express your passion!


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