Saturday, April 20, 2019

Piercing The Fiercest Dark...

 PAD Challenge day 20; For today’s prompt, write a dark poem. 

How brief the leaf of lilt and rhyme
If it feeds nothing more than Time...
How dull the tug and pull of heart
If it feels nothing more than art

What good the blood of poet’s pen
What merit its cajole
If not to rouse the thoughts of men
To Jot’s Ultimate Goal

How futile Fancy’s flares of ink
-lit worlds beneath our skin
If not to stir Him-Her to think
About the soul within

How vain the pain of poem-birth
A vixen and a fraud
If not to fill heaven and earth
With love and awe of God

How trite the blighted swirl and arc
Of alphabetic flight
If not to pierce the fiercest dark
With Love’s poetic Light

© Janet Martin

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