Monday, April 1, 2019

Morning; Mercy's Celebration

 PAD Challenge day 1: For today’s prompt, write a morning poem.

There is nothing in the world that could ever take the place of
Mankind's 'begin again' from God's Mercy, new every morning'.

Meted since the dawn of days
Mercy’s celebration
Runs through heaven’s starry maze
Soft Collaboration
Of what is and waits to be
Past, the peopled thunder
Turning despair’s misery
To hope’s unmarred wonder

Keeping time upon its course
Where love’s invitation
Rushes from dawn’s eastward doors
Like a salutation
From the Hand that never fails
To earth, scarred and broken
Faithful Providence unveils
Mercy’s renewed token

Ushering from That Which Was
That Which None Have Tasted
Rushing from God’s grace because
Love is never wasted
Ignorance disdains The Bread
Gleaming trays deliver
Humility bows Her head
Esteeming The Giver

© Janet Martin

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