Monday, April 22, 2019

Dear Father Time

PAD Challenge day 22: For today’s prompt, write a correspondence poem.

A new baby(for us a grand-daughter)
 always re-impacts me with the penmanship of Father Time...

photo credit: Brittany Ruppert

Dear Father Time, my, but your ink runs wild
I am grandmother yet I'm still a child
Beneath your touch, always fluent and firm
So much to let go and so much to learn
Salt-seasoned reasons to live, love and laugh
Beneath the flourish of your autograph
While round and round your carousel twirls
Slipping strange costumes over little girls
Bound to the beauty of duty and rhyme
Found in the truth of you, dear Father Time

Teach me to cherish the stroke of your pen
Teach me to teach morrow’s women and men
Teach me to walk, not weighed down with Unknown
But plant my feet on the street you set down
Now, drinking deep from the well of your ink
While a life-story is spilling its wink
While glory-days are not some far-off Thing
But the soft flutter, like butterfly’s wing
So, teach me to reach for flowers blooming grand
Dear Father Time, in the hours at hand

© Janet Martin

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  1. And this one stole my breath when I read it over on Poetic Asides.


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