Tuesday, April 23, 2019

To My Family and Friends (with my blessing)

PAD Challenge 23: Time for our fourth (but not final) Two for Tuesday of the month! 
Pick one prompt or use both…your choice! 

  1. Write a free poem.
  2. Write a not free poem.

 Seems everything I dream is part of you...

You have taken (with my blessing)
What I used to call ‘me free time’
You make me feel undeserving
Of love's (often uphill) climb

Strange how we change what we wish for
From footloose and fancy-free
To the best life has to offer
When love turns ‘me’ into ‘we’

Once upon a long-gone freedom
I would dread The To-do List
That was before you and me and
All the love we would have missed

Love fills up life’s cup of laughter
And because not much is free
Love drains all but echoes after
Life turns time to memory

Keep on taking (with my blessing)
The 'me free time' I hear tell of
Because after Us there's nothing
I would rather have than love

© Janet Martin

As long as we love
there will always be
So much to do
and so little time!

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