Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Two for Tuesday! Pick one prompt or use both…your choice!
  1. Write a worst case poem. What’s the worst that could happen?
  2. Write a best case poem. Take the worst and reverse it!
I've said it many times as I cook and eat,
 "I'm so glad food isn't black and white!" 

#1, worst case poem...
If food was simply black and white
How mundane meals would be
And what if every single bite
Tasted like broccoli

What if the colours of the world
Would change to white and black
And nothing that we tried would work
To bring hued beauty back

What if the sky was always dark
Above earth’s morbid shield
Without one glint or tint to spark
The lilies of the field

No gatherings on twilight’s brink
To watch the sun go down
No gold-orange-periwinkle-pink
Not even plain old brown

But, worse yet, while we drain Time’s bank
With colors everywhere
What if we never paused to thank
The One who put them there

© Janet Martin

#2, Best case poem

What if, wherever we would go
Nobody would be rude
Awed by the Artist’s color-show
And filled with gratitude

No blaring horn or glaring stare
No one finger salute
But everybody everywhere
Would kind and astute

Knowing that nobody can boast
The beauty of the earth
For even mankind’s uttermost
Can never author birth

No one can put the miracle
Inside a little seed
Or claim the canvas, ethereal
Where sun-stirred colors bleed

And who has earned the accolades
Of nature’s grand design
The hills and rills and bluffs and glades
The flower-laden vine

Thus, what if, wherever we went
Prevailed an attitude
Because of all we have been lent
Love's humble gratitude

© Janet Martin

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