Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Of Joy's Fundamental Must


Do not despair; ah yes, the care that births the prayer remains
But spring replenishes the fount of fields and daisy-chains

And joy, clothed in time’s finest green ignites beneath our skin
Hope’s flame rekindled by sweet expectation’s sunny grin

For Hope will never make ashamed the one who trusts in He
Who fashions petal-bells and hangs them in the barren tree

Who lets us glimpse at break of day a Gateway left ajar
Who, to deep folds of blue and blush soft-pins the evening star

And for the sake of love might smite our easy words with pain
If but to prove the truth; or else we could turn proud and vain

And we, oh, so against our will should bow and kiss the rod
That teaches us joy’s fundamental must; to trust in God

Then don’t despair; ah yes, the care that births the prayer remains
But love anoints the Fount that spills green fields and daisy-chains

…so without fear or hesitation we may join the hymn
Of exaltation bursting from the thrumming frond and limb

© Janet Martin

 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

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