Monday, April 1, 2019

Hello Fellow-Traveler...

 PAD Challenge day one; Write a morning poem

 Just can't resist showing a pic of my newest-sweetest-baby-est fellow-traveler
(our grand-daughter, not quite 2 days old)

Hello, fellow trav’ler of pleasure and pain
Of twilight’s goodnight and dawn’s ‘begin again’
Because none of us sets out to fail or fall
Let’s lean on each other and love one and all

Hello fellow-trav’ler where we always meet
On morning’s fresh threshold of gold or gray street
Where we all grow old if we’re given the chance
So let’s help each other through each day God grants

Hello fellow-trav’ler of high road and low
My, my, but what waits to be we cannot know
Where future is never the picture we drew
And we're all just learning what we thought we knew

Hello, fellow-trav’ler where Time’s tolling bell
Soft-nudges us nearer to tears of farewell
Where no one can tell when death’s knell bids us part
So let’s love each other with all of our heart

…and let’s greet each morning like an honoured guest
In all that life offers let’s give it our best
And taste like word-sugar love’s sweetest words yet
Hello fellow-trav’ler, so nice to have met

© Janet Martin

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