Wednesday, April 10, 2019

In Matters of Choice

PAD Challenge day 10; For today’s prompt, write a 'lone' poem.

In the heat of the fire, the lure of the loot
The draw of desire, the flaunt of the fruit
The want of a woman, the thrill of the chase
The taunt of the moment, the kiss, the embrace
The teeny temptation that seems innocent
But unleashes demons that hound and torment
Sometimes we forget in the heat of the dash
The ripple-effect that will follow the splash
Thus we should pay honor to that inner Voice
No one is a loner in matters of choice

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh indeed not! Thanks for another thoughtful post. Wishing you a beautiful day, Janet. xox

    1. thank-you Brenda. Wow, someday I'll be able to visit more blogs again. By the time evening hits my tank is so empty I just need to go to bed so I'm up for next day's task:)

      Your comments are always encouraging. thank-you.
      Hope you are having a happy April!


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