Friday, April 26, 2019

Living the Dance

 Do you ever get the feeling this time of year when the earth is sheer and clean...
to twirl, light as feather across its floor like a graceful dancing queen?
 (but when I try to fit my feet to my fancy, rather than dancing
 it's more like a bumbling, stumbling, tumbling lurch;-)

Like a ballroom swept and polished
Gleams the earth, after the rain
Makes one want to twirl and sashay
‘cross the yard and back again

Makes one wish for wings to waft where
Birds and butterflies flit by
But I’ll settle for a soft chair
Of green grass beneath blue sky

Beauty is free for the making
Wonder is a world-wide art
Moments are like primed buds breaking
Into gardens of the heart

Always on the verge of morrow
Time soon sets today adrift
No one can afford to borrow
More than now’s momentous gift

Sailing, sloughing, slipping, sighing
Over seas of seasoned sod
Breath-by-breath living and dying
In a ballroom held by God

© Janet Martin

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