Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Reason For My Headache

"Oh Lord, help me think of something that only takes one egg,"
I prayed knowing I didn't have a window of time to go and get some at the farm.
this after Victoria texted me from school to say the cookies are gone
that she took to the school bake sale. (we were gonna use the leftovers for her turn
to bring refreshments to her youth Bible Study tonight)
The oven was busy with food for a dinner I'm helping with tonight
but THEN this recipe popped into my mind and lo and behold we had on hand the ingredients!)!
Quick-baking and easy to prep! The filling that takes an egg is enough for a double-batch of batter!

Don't you just love-love those little BIG God-nods?!

PAD Challenge day 17: For today’s prompt, write a reason poem.

I hate to admit it
…it’s lack of coffee
So much to do
I forgot second cup
I hate to admit it
Might be a habit
I would be wise
To just give up!

© Janet Martin

Plus, lunch looked a little like this today...
scraping out nearly-empty containers I discovered in my fridge.

...but it's been fun kitchen day!
Because of other plans for My Wednesday Tot she wasn't here today.
Coincidence? I think not. :)
Reminds us God really is in the details too!

...and now, clean-up!
(after I put the coffee on!)😋

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