Friday, July 7, 2017

Where Petals Lie...I Don't Want To Miss a Moment

Nature’s slate that long lay dormant
Beams with beauty’s enterprise
I don’t want to miss a moment
Of its poem-paradise

Wild-bloom gardens spill at random
Blue-strife, daisy, chamomile
I don’t want to miss a moment
In the full of nature's smile

Where winds usher I will follow
Hollows rife with flower-joy
Rhapsody of rose and rainbow
Halos earth’s common employ

Dawn unveils Time’s glimm’ring progress
Somber tide that none can tame
Summer rolls through brook-lined gorges
Strums the soul of shimm’ring grain

Gilds the goblet of a lily
With a sip of honeyed dew
Drains a carpet green and hilly
Where its season-song runs through

Tunes our touch with tender rev’rence
Soon noon turns this silk-spun Now
Into thought’s forgiving romance
…thorns fade in dusk’s afterglow

…and, I don’t want to miss a moment
Where Duty and Dreaming vie
For the darling-ness of summer
Slipping to where petals lie

Sweep of mist-anointed Rembrandt
 Sweet, swift summer skims the sod
I don't want to miss a moment
Of its green-leaf gift from God

© Janet Martin

My friend Donna inspired this poem. 
She said she drove the other night, with the sun-roof open and her heater on 'cause its summer and she doesn't want to miss a minute!
I feel the same:)


  1. So lovely. Beautiful photos, words, thoughts, inspiration ...

  2. Isn't it a wonder? Beautiful post.

    1. thank-you:) Wonders to wonderful for words...but still, we try:)


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