Friday, July 14, 2017

Our/Hour Garden

 Hours hinged to our deed
Yields harvest of minute seed
Some things never change
In life's gracious grant
We cannot harvest
What we do not plant
One precious lily survived the lily-beetle. 
Nothing I poured on these plants deterred those teeny beasts!
An hour is like a flower...wasted if left 'untasted'

The impact of an hour seems
An unassuming lot
But hour after hour beams
With footprints telling Thought

The ought-to-do and ought-to-be
Though Thought intends it well
Is like a pearl hurled to the sea
And kept within its shell

…and not until we bring to light
The may or might of Ought
Will others be cheered by the sight
Of our hour-plot

An hour, seems simplest of grants
Its esteem undefined
But hour hinged to hour plants
The life we leave behind

© Janet Martin

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