Sunday, July 2, 2017

Perfect Form...(and latest Dave update)

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
1 Cor.13:1

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
1 Cor.13:7

Dave and Karen, through love will endure...but it definitely comes with the unexpected challenges
that being human is sure to bring...
Yesterday we went to visit Dave and seeing him sweat it out just to sit for a while or tremble as he reached for a cup of water was hard! Finally he was ready to lie down and after he was comfortable Dave's wife went out to pick up lunch and we stayed.
Jim, beneath Dave's instruction tried to situate the TV without a glare so Dave could watch the Bluejays game, so Jim "pulled it closer, no, back a little, now tilt it down, not quite so much, can you pull it back just a little"...and so forth til Dave said 'good!' and relaxed. Karen came breezing back into the room, pushed the TV aside (completely unaware of what had just taken place) pulled the hospital table to his bed so she could sit and eat her lunch(way past lunch time) Dave never said a word, but his look did!
It will take much patience as recovery begins.
Please pray for both of them to be able to cope!

Thank-you Lord, for zoom-lens!

Love takes on many forms
A tender touch
A servant’s smile
A side-by-side
Push through life’s storms
And sacrifice though wants beguile

But never spiteful words
Or rude
Or quick, flippant reply
For love is kind,
Patient and true
Thus it behooves both you and I

…when we are prone to
Flick that blade
Of hate or cruelty or spite
To think of Jesus,
How He stood
In our place that dreadful night

…and how He, meek
Unjustly tried
Retaliated with ‘forgive
His love so great,
For us He died
So we, through His pardon may live

Love takes on many forms
A warrior’s grit
With servant’s bow
And hands scarred with
The proof of it
That love makes possible somehow

© Janet Martin

this morning's update from Karen

Good Morning dear, faithful, praying friends,
I am glad to report another good day for Dave. He sat up in his chair for over an hour and half and walked to his sink in his room and back. He was much stronger on his feet today because he kinda dragged his walker today, where other days he was putting all his weight on it.
It is so great to his see his improvements these past couple of days, but I know I have to prepare myself that one of the days again will not be so good. Dave, Joshua and the Dr. all say that he will have some good days followed by some bad ones so l know I have to be ready for that again.
So, please continue to pray for him. People are wondering where he will go for Rehab. We don’t know yet; where ever a bed comes available, either Freeport, Guelph or Cambridge. With the long weekend I can't see that happening until Tuesday or later.
Last night I also got another good night sleep with helps me to stay strong. I even got to enjoy the fireworks in Drayton with my good friend Shelia. Dave asked his nurse if she thinks he will be able to see any fireworks and she thought maybe he would.
Praise God for all the healing that has taken place in Dave already, with all the prayers going up. Hope everyone had good Canadian 150th celebrations cause we did. Dave got a Canada Flag on this lunch tray and Canada Day cupcake with a coffee which he enjoyed on his supper tray.
David just started drinking coffee again so that also is a sign that he is feeling better. For anyone that knows Dave, knows he likes his coffee. He didn’t want a coffee until Friday. So we are counting the ups taking place and counting on your prayers to help us through the downs! Thank-you!


  1. So true. Thank you. Appreciate the update. My prayers continue.

  2. The TV story is so funny :) I'm so glad there's a bit of relaxation, a bit of humor in the midst of hard times. Very best wishes to you all.
    "Push through life's storms" -- a great mantra, Janet.

    1. Thank-you Sasha:) Karen didn't know it happened til she read this post this morning. Dave and her had a chuckle:) yes, it's good to find the humor in the midst of the struggle! When I think of a week ago he has come a long way. Praying healing continues!


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