Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Joy of Boy

Oh, what joy to be a boy
Carefree as the wind that sweeps
Through the woodland while he sleeps

Oh, what bliss sweet boyhood is
Laughter’s magnum opus rings
From sand-castle’s freckled kings

Oh, what worth fills boyish mirth
Treasure without greed or guile
Cheers the mother’s frazzled smile

Oh, what vim composes him
Ambling through blue dream-land’s lake
Leaving love-songs in his wake

World of lost socks, building blocks
Master Mischief's time-out sit
Makes us glad in spite of it

Oh, what joy is little boy
Grappling with life’s yes and no
Manhood’s predecessor, oh

© Janet Martin


  1. Ah, takes me back. (two times)

    1. :) me too and I'm not even a boy;-)) these creative, eager youngsters remind me often to take a deep breath and ENJOY the moment!


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