Friday, July 21, 2017

On Choosing Happiness

 Above is the front of a birthday card from one of my sisters...
the quote mom wrote in my card is this; 
Happiness is the art of making a lovely bouquet of the flowers that are within reach
 Here is a glimpse of literal flowers within my reach this morning...

The cover over new today rolls back to spill time’s gold and gray
Earth’s hills and vales a metaphor of love and life’s uneven floor
Where, in its course of no and yes we choose the bloom of Happiness
In spite of hunger’s hidden war we find much to be thankful for

Life’s circumstance and consequence will test the best of good intents
The wiles of us cannot evade the aftermath of choices made
So then, sometimes the path of Must is riddled with crossroads of trust
 There we pursue with consciousness the avenue of happiness

How hard to watch dear loved ones ache because of foolish choice I make
And harder still to watch them pay the price of love; kind, faithful stay
When oft I know that I had earned much more than ‘the other cheek turned
And I am stunned by forgiveness that helps me find true happiness

Humility can never reign where pride is god of heart’s domain
The hard knocks life let’s to the chin sets whetting stones beneath our skin
Where wise men hone hope’s humble will while fools lament their tent of ill-
Fortune; without words we confess the measure of our happiness

© Janet Martin

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