Monday, July 17, 2017

Of Seasons Spent...

Yesterday we had a sister-gathering at our parents which of course brings lots of reliving 
(some with pleasure, others with remorse) scenes of seasons spent

Though we cannot unravel what life weaves with days and years
The high and low we travel in retrospect, reappears
…where loves we did not treasure in the keen, green blip of youth
Becomes a sacred measure unfolding wisdom and truth

And though we cannot undo with the new, seasons of old
With kinder, gentler gaze we view this Present that we hold
…where places that we were led us toward This Meeker Ken
Where chases of dust stirred makes us more thankful now than then

The birth and death of daily breadth, while earth its due reclaims
Charters while’s worth, as breath by breath the thread of Being wanes
And not until we bow to fill more mindful hearts with awe
Will Time a reverence instill for its unyielding law

Then we do not despise The Dance that tempers frantic feet
Or strews before our eyes lost lands of learning, bittersweet
For, though we cannot undo what life weaves with where we went
We show more gratitude for budding leaves of Seasons Spent

© Janet Martin


  1. Well said.
    How is your brother?

    1. Martin ,thank-you for asking and I'm SO sorry for neglecting the update here...we've cut back to fewer updates for sure as we wait for healing to take its course, but here is the one from today...

      Hi Everyone

      Dave is still improving every day. Not noticing as much change as we did before except not resting as much during the day. He is busy doing his exercises from the therapist. They will be coming 4 times this week and I think 3 times next week. Next week he has two doctor appointments as well.
      He is back in bed sleeping but still gets up during the night for pain pills and is usually back in his chair about 6:00 a.m.. I think the days are getting little longer for him now so he is up to visitors if you want to drop by, even for a few minutes to help pass his day.
      Please continue with the prayers as I know it is hard for him, especially since we know what is wrong with his right arm; the 2 torn tendons and 2 partial tears will take a long time to heal! He is figuring out how to do the daily routine but it is a lot of work for him and it tires him out.
      Prayer for patience appreciated. Thank-you!

      Will also share it on my next post!


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