Monday, July 17, 2017

Heaven on Earth Must Be July...and latest Dave update!

Have you nigh-buckled ‘neath the weight of gladness in your breast
Where heath is steeped with shades of wheat touching halcyon sky
And gardens flow through fence-rows feathered with wild-flower zest
Like signatures of summer on earth’s heaven-glimpse; July

Have you been struck with wonder at the plunder of a bud
And like a child gazed long and deep into its mystic eye
Where green and gold gently enfold nature’s mosaic flood
In the thing nearest to heaven on earth; middle July

Have you looked up to drink sea-song from boughs laden with soul?
Where heat is sweet as honeysuckle dripping from its sigh
And Queen Ann’s lace fringes the places that we like to loll
We want for naught when heaven ruffles earth with mid-July

Have you let noon run blue through lips stained with raspberry pink?
And let the cloak of dappled shadow clothe you where you lie?
Have you nigh-buckled ‘neath the weight of summer’s poem-ink
Where surely heaven’s poetry on earth must be July

© Janet Martin

Sorry for missing the last few updates. (Some hectic days)We are thankful that everything keeps going forward even if it seems slower now. Healing takes one thing; Time...actually two! Karen reminds us that it also takes patience.

Hi Everyone
Dave is still improving every day. Not noticing as much change as we did before except not resting as much during the day. He is busy doing his exercises from the therapist. They will be coming 4 times this week and I think 3 times next week. Next week he has two doctor appointments as well.
He is back in bed sleeping but still gets up during the night for pain pills and is usually back in his chair about 6:00 a.m.. I think the days are getting little longer for him now so he is up to visitors if you want to drop by, even for a few minutes to help pass his day.
Please continue with the prayers as I know it is hard for him, especially since we know what is wrong with his right arm; 2 torn tendons and 2 partial tears that will take a long time to heal! He is figuring out how to do the daily routine but it is a lot of work for him and it tires him out.
Prayer for patience appreciated. Thank-you!


  1. This is inspiring.
    Thank you for the update on Dave. Will keep him in my prayers.

    1. Thank-you Martin. We appreciate your prayers, esp. as time goes by because this is when discouragement is apt to settle in!


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