Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time's Touch

I don't know about you, 
but for me this summer has been a blur of busy-ness 
with little boys,
and the bustle of Becoming... 

This blink of blue
This drink of dew
This pink prelude
To night
This hip-hooray
Of yea and nay’s
Voracious appetite

This shred of silk
This bread and milk
This threaded ilk
Of awe
This weight of care
A gate to prayer
This grin-and-bear

This blur of youth
Him, her, lies, truth
This wise or uncouth
This dream-come-true
This how-are-you
I love you too

This hold-let-go
This high and low
This bye-hello
This fret and fuss
And bless and cuss
That vexes
Me and you

This brief alloy
Of grief and joy
Of leaf-ahoy
And such
Of that and this
Is like a kiss
We dare not miss
….time’s touch

© Janet Martin

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