Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lo, What Through Yonder Heaven Breaks?

Lo, what through yonder belfry breaks?
To light Time’s gifted way
What Beacon of vast visage wakes
The wonder of new day

What grounds the pedestal where from
The roll of ages tolls
Where season’s sacred pendulum
Sets reason’s naked goals

What bends the deep with Imminence?
What tends this sweep of hours?
What probes inception’s innocence
And rends its robe with flow’rs

What grants the grace of second chance
To mankind’s foolish schemes
Where even in night’s dark expanse
Its faithful fathom beams

What, without fail evokes the dawn
And stokes the furrowed crest
And looks upon the fox, the fawn
And eaglet in its nest

Lo, what through yonder portal breaks?
What wakes this mortal sod?
What lights the world with gleaming lakes?
It is the love of God

© Janet Martin

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