Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Siesta or Summer Sea-yes-t-a-h-h-h

Where blue deep meets blue height
And wild blooms sweep each knoll
And streets are sand where hand in hand
Sweethearts and children stroll

Where song of sea and bird
And sigh of sleepy breeze
Delights the bystander to time
With melded melodies

The measure of tick-tock
Deploys but does not rule
It fills its nooks with tea and books
And twilight’s purple pool

The wherewithal of days
A splash of silver swell
As ripples break across a lake
Then fade into farewell

© Janet Martin

'Sea' you soon
(taking a little blogging siesta:)

...because summer is fading fast
and soon its lot of bloom is cast
and soon we will look back once more
to hear its echoes lap a shore
that slipped from gladsome grip to where
only our thought can
and stare scenes dearly beloved
that summer filled and felled
ere deep and utter whispers
Laughter and longing meld

Here is a peek into why I have barely touched a book, a bike or a cup of tea so far this summer...
but I have had more than my fair share of hugs and kisses,
and sound, sound sleeps that only complete exhaustion gifts;-)
Yesterday this little girl declared, Oh Janet, I love it SO much at your house! 
Sometimes I think there is just nothing bad in you..."I reassured her that, 'oh yes there is but her words make me happy all the same and I'm so glad she loves it here!'
... moments money and long bike rides cannot buy:)
We played 'Laura Ingalls' and pretended we were pioneers...
while we podded peas
...played with Baby

...and 'Pa' prepped lunch:)

...but we all need a break from time to time so here's to hopefully 
a bit of book-bike-tee-tea time;-))
between baby-bouncing-on-my-knee, of course!!

Something like this; Softly to  the Sea
(I'm SO in love with this artists music and photography!)


  1. Replies
    1. thank-you:) we did! p.s. Matt saw this title and said 'that is SUCH a mom-thing to write/say.' lol!!

  2. Great and enjoyable blog. Enjoy your time off for you.

    1. Thank-you. We had a wonderful vacation that simply FLEW by in spite of many rain-showers!

  3. Summer isn't my favorite season because it lasts forever here, but yes, we all need breaks. Those babies are precious.

    1. I cannot imagine a forever-summer! It is always far too short but oh so sweet here!


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