Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Silk Slipper

A few Petals snared where summer, silk-slippered, tiptoes through our stare...

Blush beacon breaks through plush of slumber-land’s mist-hushed reprieve
Obscurity thins like the skin of Time revealing truth
Daylight dissolves the walls that veiled a world of make-believe
Earth sprawls beneath both tender touch and brawls of the uncouth
Courage and cowardice, rivals since Eden barred its gates
Proceed into the battlefield where no one knows what waits

A scarf of diamonds decks the place where grace and malice spar
Dread and delight finds footholds in the fathoms of the mind
Today unfolds its gray and gold to young and old; Time’s war
Wakens weapons of word and will with intent ill or kind
While all the while earth's smile, in spite of guile and gall of man
Bleeds flowers to flushed bowers bent with God’s cemented plan

Ripe raspberries, like clustered rubies stain fingers and lips
Summer’s sleek, silk-spun sea-song rushes over hill and dale
A shiny lake that breaks into a tidal-waved eclipse
While pioneers of progress salvage petals in a pail
Of little leaf, of singing brook, love’s afternoon soft-pressed
Between the pages of a book bound in the human breast

© Janet Martin


  1. Nice use of Word Wizardry to weave this wonder.


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