Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Greater Still...and Exciting 'Dave-Update'

 Deuteronomy 31:8
"The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; 
He will be with you. 
He will not fail you or forsake you. 
Do not fear or be dismayed."

So great the prayer-pleas
We lift to God’s throne
Sickness and sorrow
Faith for the Unknown
Strength for our labor
Provision for need
Love for our neighbor
No matter their creed
Safety for travel
Wherever we go
Around the corner
Or across the globe
Prayer for the hungry
The homeless, the poor
Suffering among us
Pray we love them more
For ears to hear
The Good News and receive
Salvation’s promise
To all who believe
In this world of warring
Lord, we pray for peace
Kind words and loving
Lest conflicts increase
For teacher and preacher
For father and mother
For citizens, leaders, the imprisoned,
Each other
For workers and warriors
For farmers and fields
For trust and not worry
For what harvest yields
So great the prayer-pleas
On this mortal sod
But oh, sweet, sweet mercies
Still much greater, God

© Janet Martin

 Today's exciting/a little scary update!

Hi everyone,
Well, today was an exciting and emotional day all in one. It began with my arriving at 8 and Dave sleeping. He didn't want to wake up this morning. He did wake up long enough to eat breakfast and then went back to sleep until the physiotherapist came to take him for a walk. ( I thought this was gonna be one of those down days) He went for a long walk, went to the end of the hall and when they came back he decided he wanted to go longer so they did and then he sat up in his chair until lunch came. He was too tired to eat lunch in his chair so he went back to bed. After lunch he decided to go for another walk. The physiotherapist said that Dave improved so much over the weekend that instead of transferring him to Rehab we will set up a Rehab program at home. Someone will come to our house and work with him there instead. We agreed to go with that.
About 2 hrs later, a lady came in and said she thinks she can get everything in place so that maybe he can come home tomorrow. Dave said the look on my face- my eyes almost popped out. I said right away I don’t think so. He hasn’t even taken a shower yet, or did stairs or anything. I was just so overwhelmed!! She said she will leave us to talk for a bit and then come back to see what we decided to do.
My parents were there and we talked things over for a while and decided to go ahead with the plan. When the lady come back we told her we are OK with it once I know he can do the personal thing and stairs. He is also to have an ultrasound on his right shoulder to find out why he can’t use it. So he is not able to go home until he has the results from the ultrasound which is booked for tomorrow. He also needs to be able to do the steps at our house. She said, maybe tomorrow, if not then closer to the end of the week.
The nurses and the physiotherapist were so impressed in the improvement from last Friday when they saw him last.
I am so excited to have him home again but so scared also-- at the hospital everything is at the right height and the nurses are there if help is needed. It will be so different the first few days at home- and probably some difficult situations when he comes home.
So please pray that they will not send him home before he is ready. Pray for the strength for me to be able to take care of him when he gets home.
Thank- you for all the prayers so far and I know they will continue when we get him home.

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  1. Comforting words. Thank you. Great News! Thanks. Will continue to pray.


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