Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gift of Time

Are you ever dumb-founded as you stand amidst heaps of pretty paper pulled away
after we pried at the parcel that granted Today?!

With every breath we pull the tulle of moments from its gift
Heirs, as it were, to grace and mercy meting day-to-day
Where, if we see the value ere its seasoned seasons drift
Wonder would confound us with humble joy and we would pray

…and we would break our bread with head bowed, too awed to complain
Nor would we trample ribbons wrought with naught but simple joy
Then, wholly, holy we would tread this ephemeral main
Toward the Ultimate Undoing of what clocks deploy

Time’s quantum, untallied until its final gasp is spent
Arranges rigors too complex for mortal might alone
This test of quest and wrest of wonder-fashioned filament
Orders the footsteps of a man to bow before God’s throne

And beseech Gift of Time to teach him how to fully live
And reach to touch the Hand that shows him how to fully love
Lest he tears at time’s tissue to get, forgetting to give
For to whom much is given, much is also lent to prove

© Janet Martin


  1. Amen (and as I tried to pay Him back by serving, He gave me more.)

    1. ...and More can come in ways we least expect! God bless.


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